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Jason Freeman United States

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About me

My name is Jason Edward Freeman. live in Greencastle PA. My family is my brother Ben, my mom Sandy, and my dad John.


What I do every night is pretty much just go to the baseball field called Clary. I mostly play soccer on Saturday. I play baseball. My team is the Orioles. My record is 7-2. We lost to the Mets and the Cubs.


My favorite song of music is Tik Tok by Ke$ha. The type of song it is is pop.

Movies and TV:

My favorite TV show is Chopped on the food channel. If you have DIRECTV the channel is on 231.


I play tons of sports. The sport(s) I am playing are Baseball and soccer. You already know about my baseball playing but I play soccer. My team is the Red Hippies. We are 2-3. Ia m teh best player on my soccer team. The second best on my soccer team is ei


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